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Pilates Popularity with Professional Sportsmen influences Reformer Design

  From the turn of the new millennium Pilates has increasingly featured in men’s exercise and sports training regimes in the UK. When practicing Pilates, the resultant enhanced strength, balance, flexibility and control provide increased performance whilst offering reduced chance of injuries.  In particular the use of a Pilates Reformer for sportsmen has grown because the multi directional forces offered from springs, pulleys and cables can increase strength, control and balance through incremental increases in resistance.  Compared to Pilates Matwork using only bodyweight and practiced on a fixed surface, the moving carriage on a reformer will also force the user to exercise the correct or minor muscles that are needed when their competitive sport requires an under-utilised muscle movement.  This helps prevent injuries. Equipment resistance may be adjusted according to the requirement to increase strength and performance, or to proactively protect from injury by moderating the exercis

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